Aurora Lampworks Services


Landmarked spaces under construction; historic spaces where the ceilings and walls are considered art and can’t be touched; new construction; historic lighting fixtures; newly fabricated lighting fixtures; line voltage fixtures; low voltage fixtures. The circumstances and conditions that Aurora encounters daily are endless.

Because the installation of lighting fixtures touches on the work of so many other trades, Aurora often serves as the “mortar between the bricks,” bringing together the contributing trades, designers, architects, contractors, electricians, and clients to navigate the process.

As part of the pre-construction phase, Aurora provides condition reports for existing fixtures, scope development, fabrication and mounting plans for fixtures, value engineering, shop drawings, mockups, and on-site reviews. We also help our clients navigate the process of lamping and UL listing low voltage fixtures, whether historic or contemporary.

With the advent of lighting control systems and ever-evolving LED technologies, careful coordination between a fixture’s lighting component, driver, on-site dimmer, and on-site wiring is critical to a smooth and problem-free installation. In tandem with our Lutron and UL representatives, Aurora assists in coordinating the compatibility between these components.


Aurora specializes in fixture restoration, historic replication, and the wiring of pre-electric or previously electrified fixtures, to line or low voltage. As the core competency of the company, Aurora takes great pride in being entrusted with historically valuable, irreplaceable objects – whether for a landmark building or a family home. Historic fixtures often require mechanical adjustments; Aurora provides discreet solutions for code compliant hardware and mounting. Aurora also provides gentle cleaning, preservation-grade waxing and re-finishing services.


Aurora rewires and retrofits antique fixtures and fixtures that are made outside of the U.S. Hardwired fixtures of this type are often designed to be hung from a french hook or an “S” hook in the ceiling; these mounting methods are not accepted by UL or U.S. building codes. European fixtures often have backplates or canopies that are too small to cover a U.S. junction box. Aurora develops mounting solutions that are code compliant and that stay true to the original design intent of a fixture. We also provide retrofitting of fixtures for LED and wiring for international voltages.


Concern for safety and liability increasingly requires that a lighting fixture carry UL labels. Aurora Lampworks is a UL shop, which means we provide UL listing of incandescent and fluorescent fixtures in-house. Line voltage fixtures that fall outside of our general umbrella (fixtures that are exceptionally heavy, for example) require that a UL representative be brought in to consult. Aurora facilitates the UL listing of LED and low voltage fixtures through Field Evaluations performed by a UL representative.

About Low Voltage UL listing: Before the ubiquitous use of integral LED lighting, UL was concerned with compliance from the bottom of the fixture to the top of the canopy or the back of the backplate. Now, when a driver is remoted for an LED fixture, the fixture “ends” where the driver is housed, and every component of the fixture must be UL compliant: the ventilated enclosure in which the driver is housed, the driver, the wiring in the ceiling, the fixture’s wiring, and the LED.

Why is it costly? In order for Aurora to apply our label, a fixture must be wired using only UL or UR components, and it must undergo a series of tests, be photographed, then filed into our digital and analog records. In the case of a Field Evaluation, a comprehensive report is completed in conjunction with UL, which is provided to the fixture Owner. In all cases, a UL label serves as the fixture’s insurance policy.


From old world processes to modern techniques, Aurora can help determine the means and methods best-suited to your project. We provide fabrication of commercial and residential lighting fixtures, custom designs, research and development, shop drawings, mockups, custom backplates, canopies, spinnings, and custom hardware. For Aurora’s D A W N collection, see here.


Let Artists be Artists! Aurora works with ceramic, wood, metal, and glass artists to provide line or low voltage wiring solutions and UL listing of their pieces. Our scope often includes consultation on design from the perspective of best wiring practices, as well as consultation on code compliant mounting, hardware, and electrical components.