Project Description

Selected Small Works

One of the most exciting and engaging aspects of the work at Aurora is the variety of fixtures we see on a day to day basis. Although the common denominator of all lighting is providing some level of illumination, the likeness often ends there. Lighting fixtures have been made throughout history using the technologies available at the time. From non electric sources such as candle, oil, kerosine, and gas to electric sources including incandescent, fluorescent, HID (high intensity discharge), and now LED, lighting fixtures reflect not only the aesthetics but technologies of the time. 

This makes the work we do at Aurora ever changing, challenging, and interesting. No two projects are ever the same. One week we might be restoring a two thousand pound crystal chandelier and the next we could be rewiring an art object that uses real dandelion puffs as diffusers – literally lighter than a feather.

Baccarat Chandelier

LED and dandelion fluff by DRIFT Studio

Custom Floor Lamp
Restored Pendant for Ansche Chesed Synagogue
Retrofitted Halophane Fixtures, Apple Store Williamsburg