Project Description

The Restored Rose Main Reading Room


Completed Chandelier

Dusty Chandeliers Pre-Restoration

Previous Bobeche Attachments

Approved Mockup with New Cast Bobeche

Scaffolding in the Rose Reading Room

Wiring and Restoration Phase

Wiring and Restoration Phase

Wiring Complete

Wiring Complete

PROJECT:  Library in New York

Restoration of (22) Historic Chandeliers

There would be no better time for Aurora Lampworks to clean, rewire, and re-lamp the (22) massive chandeliers in this library than during the restoration of their cast plaster ceiling.

In 2016 as the huge dance floor was erected a harrowing 4 stories high, an elaborate trolley system was also devised to lower each chandelier by electric chain fall. Each fixture, estimated to weigh 1500 pounds, was lowered to a workable height of approximately 5’ off the ground – falling neatly between the scaffolding and without hitting the tables.

Aurora’s comprehensive condition report of each fixture revealed that numerous cast brass decorative bobeches were missing – presumably they had either fallen or had been removed to insure they wouldn’t fall. A number of improvisations had been made over the years to hold them on – some lasted longer than others. To solve this issue, we devised a new system to secure the bobeches mechanically to new cast brass 2-part sockets.

After assessing the lighting needs of the space, Aurora presented (2) new lamping options, and the library chose the TCP 8 watt LED bulbs. These bulbs not only do the job of original 9 watt compact fluorescent bulbs, but they do so with greater lumen output.

Before the restoration, the library had to replace lightbulbs every 8,000 hours; the new bulbs have a lifetime of 25,000 hours, providing impressive reduction in maintenance. Between disruption to the space and labor hours, the cost savings is substantial.

Once the fixtures were cleaned and waxed with conservation grade materials, rewired to current codes, leveled, and boasting their new lamps, they were raised back up to illuminate the grandeur above and below.