Aurora’s philosophy when it comes to the restoration of lighting fixtures is to do the most amount of good while inflicting the least amount of harm. There are many principles that we practice while keeping in mind that our first responsibility to our Client is to make fixtures safe and up to code.

Original Parts

We attempt to use as many of the original parts as possible. There are times when it could be easier to simply buy or make a new part; but, so long as the part is structurally sound, we make every effort to reuse it. It is part of the fixture’s history. And, in its own small way, it promotes the use of fewer resources, which helps the planet.

Should we need to replace a component we use the same means and materials of manufacture to most closely replicate the original design intent.

No New Holes

In bringing lighting fixtures up to current code or electrifying a fixture that was originally designed for candle, oil, or gas, we go to great lengths to avoid making any new holes in the fixture. We are sensitive to the fact that holes not only change the aesthetic but could possibly devalue the fixture. If it can be done, we will find the way.


Although many changes that we make are unavoidable because of modern electrical and safety codes, we are very conscious about making any changes reversible where possible. In many cases, we give the Owner back the original parts; beautiful old European sockets are a common example.

Veganism and Sustainability

Our philosophy extends beyond lighting fixtures. ‘Do the most good with the least harm’ can be practiced every day. Simple things: we use glass, real plates, and silverware in our kitchen area; the company provides reusable take out containers to go and fetch food and bring it back to the shop; coffee is provided to avoid the endless number of single use coffee cups that would otherwise be used every day; recycling bins abound; canvas bags are plentiful and their use encouraged by making them easy to grab and go; and, compost is collected and brought either upstate or to farmers markets located throughout New York City.

Aurora is a vegan shop. We do not fabricate any fixtures using those materials once owned by animals, such as bone or feathers, and if a design for a fixture calls for leather we offer beautiful leather alternatives. Only plant based food is allowed in our kitchen. That way everyone can happily to use the same refrigerator, cutting boards, plates, cutlery, and other appliances.

As much as any restoration shop can, we practice a ‘Leave No Trace’ mentality. The only trace we strive to leave is a finely crafted fixture meant to last for a very long time.